5 Travel Planning Tips with Evernote

suitcase messYou’re planning a trip to Italy – OK, so maybe you’re not, but let’s just pretend…  You hold on to magazines, bookmark all these websites, save emails somewhere, and before you know it –  you’re one hot mess!  Everything is scattered all over the place, you can’t find half the stuff you saved ‘somewhere’, and by the time you reach Italy you realize that the list of all those cool places you wanted to visit is back home $#!&{14f5d89cdb458448eb9fffe01321f06ef5bef8c8ad6d8f6849e8ec1fe6b49dc7}#!

Evernote can’t pack your suitcase for you (or can it?!), but it can make your travel planning and your trip itself so much easier.  Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Set Up a Travel Notebook in Evernote and use this to collect & organize everything.  Make sure you have Evernote on all your devices, so that you can easily add things no matter where you are… and, more importantly, you can travel with any device and have all the updated information with you – no more missing that list of cool places to visit.  Also, make sure that you have your Notebook available offline, in case you travel to places where it’s hard to get internet acces – this happens more often than you think;
  2. Share Your Notebook.  Are you traveling with someone?  Share the Notebook with him/her so you can both keep your notes in one spot;
  3. aruba travel poleCollect Your Ideas:
    • See something you like online?  Clip it with the Web Clipper app
    • Have an idea?  Type up a quick Note in Evernote or just record a Voice Note right in Evernote
    • Got cool stuff in your Email inbox?  Forward the email right into your Notebook (you’ll need the Evernote paid version for this handy dandy feature)
    • See something you like?  Take a picture of it and store it in your Notebook
  4. Gather Important Information.  Keep a copy of all your important documents in Evernote, so that you’ll have them with you no matter where you are.  You can either email them directly into Evernote or if they’re in paperform you can use the Scannable app to scan them directly into Evernote.  Some things to consider:
    • Travel docs (flight, hotel, car  and any other confirmations & receipts)
    • Passport & Visa
    • Health information, immunizations, and prescriptions
    • Emergency information (contact information of family, friends, doctors, etc.)
  5. Create Checklists to make sure you don’t forget anything.  In Evernote you can quickly and easily create all kinds of checklists.  Some checklist ideas:
    • Travel Packing List for the Summer
    • Travel Packing List for the Winter
    • Travel Packing List for Your Business Trip
    • Things to do, places to visit, weird things to try… you name it!

So now that you have all your ideas, information, and checklist in one place, you’re ready for take off.  You’ll have everything right there on your phone or tablet and if you do use a computer somewhere you can always access your account online as well.


Bonus Tip:

mobile-and-moleskineWhile traveling it’s always a great idea to journal all your memories while you’re doing them.  You can take a journal with you and collect everything as you go along.  Moleskine is a great Evernote notebook that lets you easily scan everything into Evernote.  Or you can just type in a journal entry directly in Evernote, take a quick photo, and even scan a cool menu and save it directly into your Travel Notebook – and organize it all when you get back home.

How do you travel – are you that ‘last minute packer’ or do you ‘plan everything to the T’?  Do you have a specific way of planning for your trips?  Please share!