Facebook Groups Driving You Crazy?

Facebook groups – we either love them or hate them.  We either join Groups or there are times when we are added to a Group by one of our friends that are either a Member or Admin of the Group.  Unfortunately they can do this without our request or permission, but once added we have options of course – we can ‘Leave the Group’ (under Joined) or we can stay, but change what Posts we see (or don’t see) in our Feed.  Here’s how:

Hover over Notifications & choose one of the following:

  • All Posts.  This will obviously show all of the group’s Posts in your Feed.
  • Highlights.  Only popular Posts (Posts with lots of Likes & Comments) will show up in your Feed.
  • Friends’ Posts.  Only your friends’ Posts will show up in your Feed.
  • Off.  No posts will show up in your Feed, so you’ll have to go to the Group to see Posts.



Want to See & Manage All of Your Groups?

FB - Mng groupsYou can quickly edit & remove all of the Groups you have joined:

  • Scroll down to Groups (Left Menu)
  • Hover over Groups
  • Click on More
  • Here you can
    • Edit your notifications
    • Manage your groups as an Admin
    • Leave a group
    • Make a Group a Favorite Group (so it will show up in your Left Menu)


I hope this helps clean up your Facebook Feed a bit.  I see so many people complaining about the junk they see on their Facebook Feed, so there will be more to come on how to get rid of that extra baggage on your Feed!


Do you have anything you’d like me to cover in future blogs?  I’d love to hear from you – please post in Comments below.  Make it a great day!