9 Time Blocks That Make Things Happen

It’s Friday – are you ready for the weekend?  Heck yeah, right?!?

How did your week go?  Did you get everything accomplished or do you feel like you were running around non-stop all week and yet haven’t accomplished much?

Life is fast and it feels like the days and weeks are literally just flying by.  The only way to get stuff done – the important stuff – is by taking control of your day by managing where you spend your time and focus.

Why is it that we have no problem putting appointments with other people in our calendar, but when it comes to things that matter to us we neglect to put them in our calendar?   Start planning your week by blocking out time for the things that really matter to You!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a paper or digital planner – use these 9 Time Block ideas to plan your week:

  1. Review Time.  Schedule out a couple of hours each week (yes – hours!) to go through this week’s accomplishments.  Scratch off what’s completed, delegate what you can, and prioritize what’s left to do.  Once you know what you need to be doing, schedule time to get them done.  This time block is the most important one on this list, but yet most people neglect to spend time on it – make it your priority!
  2. Project Time.  After doing your Review, you’ll know what projects you’ll need to be working on and what needs to get done next week, so schedule them in.
  3. Office Time.  You know that boring stuff like filing, bookkeeping, cleaning out your inbox?  Yeah, they need to get done – schedule time to do it on a daily or weekly basis to make sure you stay on top of it all.
  4. Research Time.  Use this time to do any kind of research.  For example researching topics to write your next blog, your next topic for a presentation, a new exercise routine, your next vacation destination, you name it.  Research time can be spend surfing the web, going to the library, reading a book, visiting other companies that work with your market, …  And rather than getting sucked into all these shiny objects you see all day long, save them for your Research Time.  Tools like Pocket & Evernote are great for this – I’ll make sure to do a blog about this very soon!
  5. Writing & Creative Time.  If you’re like me and you write articles, social media posts, or maybe you’re writing a book – you need to schedule that time in your calendar.  Pick a time that fits best for you.  For me that’s first thing in the morning, before I start working on any of my projects.  For you it may be late at night when the house is quiet and everyone is sleeping and you’re still wide awake.  Do it when it feels right to You.
  6. Catch Up Time.  Use this time to get caught up on things that you weren’t able to finish, things that just popped up, or anything random you want to get done.
  7. Fitness Time.  Yes, schedule in your health!  No matter what that is for you – a work out, biking, running, yoga, meditation, whatever it is, schedule it.
  8. F&F Time.   Make time for Family & Friends.  With today’s fast-paced tech life we have gotten out of touch with our family & friends.  Life is short – make time to spend quality time together.  And yes, I challenge you to turn off your tech during those precious moments, unless of course you’re on FaceTime spending time with someone special.
  9. Me Time.  Schedule time for You.  Time for to the beach, reading a book, some art, hiking, time with your dogs, cats, horses… wherever your happy place may be!


Remember, when scheduling these in your Calendar:

  • Once you start working in one of these time areas, try to block everything out and get totall focused on the task at hand.
  • Think something’s going to take you 1 hour?  Add about 30{14f5d89cdb458448eb9fffe01321f06ef5bef8c8ad6d8f6849e8ec1fe6b49dc7} to make sure you have enough time to get things done.  If you do finish within the hour, you can always take a break or move over to the next Time Block;
  • Don’t over-schedule.  When over-scheduling you get overwhelmed and you’re least likely to follow through.  If this is new to you, start small and slowly build up to where you’re comfortable;
  • When you have appointments that include travel, consider the time it takes you to travel to/from to your appointment and add in traffic delays
  • Be kind to yourself. There will be days that you will miss some stuff and that’s OK, just keep doing your Review Time to make sure you’re on track with the important stuff to get them done.


Stay-On-Track Tip:  

Get an accountability partner!  Find that one person – or a small group – that will help you stay accountable & motivated.  Keep on the look out – more on this soon.


Do you have a system to get things done?  Or are struggling with this?  Are there any topics you’d like me to cover?  I’d love to hear from you.