My favorite gadgets for working on the go

My favorite thing about today’s technology is that you can basically run your business from anywhere.  You can work from your laptop, iPad, or phone as long as you have internet connection.  My favorite way to go is my iPad Pro… why?

  • Its size.  Yes, size does matter!  It’s easier to carry around than my laptop and it’s bigger than my iPhone screen, so I can read what’s on it without needing a looking glass!
  • It’s hooked up to all my iCloud devices. By having everything synced, I can easily switch between any of my devices and have access to all my files, photos, and projects.  Sure, there are times when glitches pop up, but it’s something we just have to live with.
  • It’s sexy!   I know, I know – what’s really sexy about this… but hey it’s so much better than hauling around a big ass computer and it basically does the same thing.  There are a few minor set backs compared to working on a computer, but the pros outweigh the cons for me.  Just hook up your favorite keyboard and you’re good to go!
  • My new love:  My Apple Pencil.  If you’re like me – always jotting down notes – this is da bomb dot com.  I have always been a huge advocate for being paper-less, BUT I love to write, so now that I have my Pencil, I’m no longer wasting a huge amount of paper.  Another great thing of  the Pencil is:  I can quickly jot down notes and edits right inside my PDF files.  I can quickly upload the PDF, add my notes, and send it back out for edits.  Love it!


Aside from the normal day-to-day apps like mail, contacts, … here are 3 of my favorite apps for my work anywhere workspace:

  • GoodNotes.  This is the App I use for jotting down all my notes.  I’ll talk about this one in one of my future blogs.
  • Trello.  My favorite app for staying on top of my projects and day-to-day workload.  I’ll be launching a new series on how to Get Shit Done with this amazing tool.  STAY TUNED for next week’s newsletter so you don’t miss out on my HUGE BIRTHDAY DISCOUNT!!!
  • Evernote.  My favorite tool to keep track of all those notes, PDFs, and project files while on the go.  This is another tool I’ll be covering in my Get Shit Done course!


There are definitely more tools, but these are some key tools I use to stay organized and on top of my workload at home, work, or on the go!   I’ll be covering that and so much more in upcoming blogs.

Next week I’ll be talking about how to get in control of the digital overwhelm and I’ll be sharing some of my favorite ways to do this… and I’ll have some super discount offers that will be only available for a few days and with just a few seats available.  DON’T MISS OUT:  Click here to sign up!


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