Where’s my email?!

Ever heard the phrase “please put me on your white-list” but don’t know what it means? It’s the opposite of a black-list! Here, I’ll explain:

Waiting on an email but can’t find it? Email is tricky nowadays because there’s just so much spam going around and as a result, a lot of email providers have put up spam blockers. This is great because it blocks out a ton of crap from going into your Inbox, BUT it’s also a bummer because lots of emails you do want to receive go lost in your Spam or Junk folder (this is kind of like a black-list).

So what you need to do is ‘white-list’ certain people – to make sure you receive their emails in your Inbox. Let’s see how:


Gmail has one of the strictest filters of all email providers. Most of the times emails are hidden in your Promotions Tab, so make sure to check there first.  If you find the missing email there, just Drag & Drop the email into the Primary Tab and click Yes to confirm for future emails!

But if you can’t find the email in your Primary Tab or Promotions Tab, you want to check your Spam Folder (scroll down in the Left Menu and you may have to clock on More) and if you see it there, just Right Click on the email and click on Not Spam:

Mac Mail

For all my Apple friends, while on your Mac & in your Mail, just go to your Junk folder, find the email & Click on Move to Inbox in your top bar. It’s super fast & simple:


Outlook has a lot of different versions, you can click here to go to Office Support link for to find out how to update your settings.

There are obviously more email providers, but these are the biggest ones. Also, if you host your own website and email address, you want to check with your host as well, because they may have an additional Spam filter set up.

With all things tech, change happens fast, so I’ll try to keep this Page updated as frequently as I can and add more as I go, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for here you can Google it. Just use words like “how to whitelist” and the name of your email provider.

I hope that helps & happy emailing 🤓

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