Hyatt Regency – Productivity & Time Management Training

‘I have used the expertise and knowledge of Action Chaos and Athenée on several occasions in the past 10 years.

It started with the simple alignment or the quest to align the Leadership committee of my Resorts and she was able to organize and make the team more organized in many forms and fashions.  Her enthusiasm alone made them work more and harder.  I have used Athenée in all my last 3 resorts in Aruba, St Kitts, and Curacao and I am always 100% satisfied with her promise to deliver.   

Her real value is her strength to communicate in your language or in a way you want to hear it.  It feels natural and therefor is better accepted and sticks better.  She will alleviate the search for documents and files for example (and therefor lose valuable time in any and all organizations) by implementing simple systems that work.  

She will teach a proper way to manage your emails and change the current state where emails manage us.  This will give people literally hours back in a week, which now are used productively towards enterprise value.

One of the more powerful services Athenée provides is that she is always reachable and able to “jump in” and “put you back on track” when a you fall behind or feel that you are ‘still not getting it’.  Once you start with Athenée she will always be there and will always be available to coach, this is her through value in the process.  She will continue to deliver new methods and systems that work for your organization.  

As a person from the Caribbean I am very well aware how valuable our time is in the hospitality industry and Athenée will give you your time back and make you more productive, efficient, happier and add value to your business.’

Flor van der Vaart – Vice President Room Reservations at Hyatt Regency

Time Management Virtual Team Training

‘If you can’t find it, you can’t focus on it.  If you can’t manage it you can’t measure it.  If you can’t measure it, you can’t profit from it.  

Productivity and organization is the secret weapon of the most successful people and organizations – and Athenée can get you there.  She’s worked with my clients and they all rave about her and the results they get.’

Michael Port – Author of Book Yourself Solid

Business Going Virtual

‘What can I say, Athenée is the best! I wanted to create a way to tie all of my Independent Contractors, who all work from their home-offices, together by working from one central on-line virtual office, and with Athenée ‘s help this has been accomplished!

She worked tirelessly with me to try and help me convey my thoughts of what I saw as the big picture, into a solution that was applicable….I’m no longer tied to working with clients in Orlando, but now have the power to manage Independent Contractors throughout the state….this means virtually no limits on my company’s growth, and I can honestly say this wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration with Athenée ….thanks Athenée!’

Pamela Syvertson – Owner of Verandah Properties

Technology & App Training

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Athenée for the past 6+ years in a variety of capacities.  She is a model Productivity Specialist whom I have hired to help me on various projects, to help my clients who have raved about her expertise, and to provide seminars for our Productive Environment Specialist Training program and annual retreat.  Her enthusiasm and professionalism is a blessing to me and my company.’

Barbara Hemphill – Author of Taming The Paper Tiger at Work

Home Management Systems

‘My life has forever been changed by Athenée.  She was first hired to help me with my office work, I was keeping track of riding expenses for taxes when my daughter rode in high school and had piles of paper on the floor!  Athenée set me up with a system that I still use today, I can find anything.  She has recently introduced me to the cloud with Dropbox and Evernote. 

I consider her a dear friend and she is a tireless worker, I would want to stop for lunch and she just kept plugging along!  You will certainly get your money’s worth out of her and if you do what she says (she does design systems around your type of personality) your life will be changed forever! 

Faye Greenwald – Home Management System
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Office Organizing Speaking Event

‘Several years ago Athenée spoke at a luncheon program for the Society for Design Administration.  The program was filled with great, useful information.  I still use her tickler filing system and try not to touch a paper more than once.  I highly recommend her as a great speaker and consultant.’

Judy D’Angelo – Controller – Matern Professional Engineering, Inc.
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Productivity & Organizing Team Training

‘Action: Chaos has done a great job of reorganizing our office. With the day-to-day rush of things paperwork tends to pile up and get scattered about; Athenee has great suggestions for organizing and keeping things manageable and under control.  It’s amazing what gets accumulated over time. 

Athenée also had some great ideas for filing, documenting, and archiving non-current files.  On a day-today basis we now have our storage of office supplies under control, as well as keeping track of email and day-to-day tasks.  She sat down with each employee individually and adapted a system to their personal style that they were happy with and actually used. 

At the end of the day people are spending less time looking for things and more time being productive, so the results really show.  We would recommend Action: Chaos to any organization looking to get organized!’

Mark Cesareo – Owner – CaribMedia

Office Organizing Consulting

‘I have known Athenée for the past 20 years and have high regards for her positive attitude and no nonsense approach. She has developed and managed the organizational structure for my businesses, which include retail stores (United Colors of Benetton), furniture stores, bar/restaurants, and a real estate office.

She also coordinated the entire United Colors of Benetton Convention, which included accommodations, transportation, dinner, etc., for over 150 people.  At that time, my businesses were growing at an accelerated pace and Athenée was an invaluable asset.’

Victor Nataf – Owner – United Colors of Benetton
KGB Lawfirm

Corporate Move

‘We hired Athenée to help our firm relocate to a new location. We had been at our old location for more than 7 years and had accumulated a lot of files, papers and other items that naturally occur with a busy law firm.

Athenee helped us move almost 100 employees in seamlessly over a weekend with no downtime and no loss in productivity.  Her ideas on how to streamline our operations proved invaluable.’

Donna Berger Esq – Attorney – Katzman, Garfinkel, and Berger Lawfirm
Power-Up Your iPad 2014 Event:
Barbara Hemphill
Author of Taming The Paper Tiger at Work

Power-Up Your iPad 2014 Event:
Andrea Anderson
President – Productive Environment Institute




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