You know how it goes. You meet a new contact who seems interested in working with you. You take their information, send out an email, make a phone call…get distracted with everything else you’re juggling…and before you know it, you find out your contact just signed on to work with one of your competitors.


Why did this happen? Your contact fell into the dreaded cold lead zone — the place where your would-be clients go when you fall out of touch. When a lead is ready to take the next step and become a paying client, you need to be at the top of their mind or they’ll go with another agent or manager who is.

How much value do you think is in your cold lead zone right now? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands? More?

It’s easy for leads to fall into the cold lead zone, but it’s also surprisingly easy to avoid it altogether. The solution is a contact relationship management (CRM) system, a fancy way of saying a system to always stay top-of-mind with your referrals, prospects, and clients. Effortlessly.

When you have a way to keep your leads nice and warm, you’ll close more deals with less effort. You’ll never have to worry about organizing your contacts, following up with clients, or feeling disappointed that you let a lead slip through the cracks again.

And the best part is that your CRM system works automatically — churning away in the background separating qualified leads from disinterested ones, keeping you fresh in prospects’ minds, and turning contacts into paying clients.

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