Skitch is One of My Favorite Apps

If you’ve been with me for a while you’ll know I love Skitch – I actually use it for a lot of my tutorials.  It’s a super easy tool that lets you quickly annotate pictures, documents, and screenshots.  And yes, it’s free! You can: Add Arrows, Text, Shapes, and Stamps; Draw (not really crazy about this one […]

Facebook Groups Driving You Crazy?

Facebook groups – we either love them or hate them.  We either join Groups or there are times when we are added to a Group by one of our friends that are either a Member or Admin of the Group.  Unfortunately they can do this without our request or permission, but once added we have options of […]

Sharing Your Stuff on Facebook

Are you having trouble sharing Posts/Photos on Facebook?  Most of the time it’s an easy fix.  Thanks to Facebook’s Security Settings you have the option of who you want to share your stuff with.  Here are a few ways: Post directly in a Group or on someone’s wall: By posting directly in a Group or on […]