Property Management TeamMeet Kris & her team of property managers.  When Kris first called me she was running her property management business out of an office.  Business was good and they were super busy, but there was some things that were holding her back from growing her business:

    • She was renting office space, but no one was at the office much – so a lot of money was wasted there;
    • The paper was everywhere – they dealt with a lot of paper and her team had them either piled up on their desks, in their car, or at home so it was hard to keep track of client files;
    • Because each property manager had his/her own client files it was impossible to manage their clients if they were home sick, busy, or away on vacation;
    • When managing a property you constantly deal with applications, contracts, and maintenance issues deal with a lot of contracts, procedures, and maintenance issues for each property and when you have 10 managers working for your it’s hard to keep track on who’s doing what;
    • These obstacles only became worse when a property manager was ‘less organized’… this resulted in missing files and contracts, as well as missing appointments and deadlines.

Kris knew that these obstacles were not only costing her time and money, they were also very stressful for everyone in her team.  They were also blocking her from growing her business and increasing her profit.

She knew she had to take action now!

Woman working from homeTogether we a new setup where she could run her entire business online:

    • Her team can now has an online dashboard
    • All files are accessible online
    • She can easily assign procedures and tasks to her team and has quick and easy access on the process of it all
    • They spend less time looking for stuff, more time getting things done


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