Professional TeamMeet Tess & busy sales team.  As with anybody in sales, their #1 goal is to make the sale, but lately they have been spending way too much time dealing with all the other day-to-day office activities like managing email, dealing with all the paper in their office, and having way too many meetings.

That doesn’t mean they should ignore those day-to-day activities, it just means they need to put systems in place that simplify and automate their workflow.

Together with Tess and her office manager we looked at their biggest time killers in the office and we designed a customized team training program for their entire team.

Extreme Office Makeover:

Learn how to manage your information, paper or digital and set these systems in place right away.  After our presentation everyone returns to their office to organize their workspace and set up a killer system.

Power Up Your iPad for Business:

Your iPad is not just there to check up on your emails or social media posts, it can be a power house to manage your work while on the road.

The 5 Steps to Run Effective Meetings:

No one likes to waste time in meetings, but they are a necessary part to run a business.  By running effective and productive meetings, you can save you and your team time and money.

Does your team need a boost?

Check out some the team training programs available.  More Team Training Programs…



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