Crazy Busy ProfessionalMeet Zoë – this was her when she called me for help!  (OK, so that is not really her or even her real name, but you get the picture – no pun intended)
Zoë is a successful realtor in town and she loves what she does, but with all the demands that come with listing and showing homes she was about to lose it and ready to quit:

    • She was basically working 24/7, feeling that she had no off switch;
    • She had over 8000 emails in her inbox;
    • Her email was not syncing correctly – some emails were on her iPhone, some on her iPad, and others on her computer;
    • Her to do lists were scattered everywhere – between sticky notes, spreadsheets, notepads, and all the stuff cramped in her head somewhere;
    • She had personal and client pictures randomly scattered throughout her iPhone, iPad, and Mac;
    • She was spending way too much time looking for documents;
    • Her kitchen table was hidden somewhere underneath the piles of paper;
    • And the list of issues goes on…

She knew that she had to take control!  Not only was she losing money, she was wasting precious time she could spend with her family and friends.

Together we looked at her goals, her challenges, and her resources and set up an action plan and got to work.  Luckily she already had most of the tools she needed – her iPhone, iPad, and Mac – so all we had to do was download some key productivity apps, make sure everything was in sync, and set up simple systems in place as a foundation to her new success.

After working together, Zoë is now able to:

    • Work from anywhere, at anytime;Synced
    • Find what she needs when she needs it – no matter what device she has on hand;
    • Know what to do with every piece of information that comes in;
    • Easily manage her projects and tasks from her iPhone or iPad;
    • Easily take on new clients and have systems in place to manage them;
    • Finally have family & fun time again!


Does any of this sound familiar to you?  Want to find out how you can get in control of your personal and professional life again?  Click here to find out how…



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