Sharing Your Stuff on Facebook

Are you having trouble sharing Posts/Photos on Facebook?  Most of the time it’s an easy fix.  Thanks to Facebook’s Security Settings you have the option of who you want to share your stuff with.  Here are a few ways: Post directly in a Group or on someone’s wall: By posting directly in a Group or on […]


Take a shortcut on your Mac

Shortcuts are the key to increasing your productivity & most smart tech devices have them.  Here are some of Mac’s shortcut solutions that can save you some time: Do you have any shortcuts that you use? We’d love to hear from you!

SwiftFile - Action Chaos

Product Tip: SwiftFile

No more piles of paper!   Are you constantly creating piles of paper as reminders, only to find that you’re soon drowning in those piles?  Check out this quick and simple tool that will keep it all under control: