Facebook Groups Driving You Crazy?

Facebook groups – we either love them or hate them.  We either join Groups or there are times when we are added to a Group by one of our friends that are either a Member or Admin of the Group.  Unfortunately they can do this without our request or permission, but once added we have options of […]

Are You a Digital or Paper Planner?

‘Is it OK to use a Paper Planner?’  I get this question a lot, especially from the ‘paper planners’.  Some either feel they’re ‘old fashioned‘ or they get comments from others that they’re ‘out of date’.  My response?  Do what works for YOU! Over the years I’ve seen many people go back to their paper planner after years […]

Apps 4 Abs

I know that if I walk into the gym without an Action Plan I’m guaranteed to fail.  The only way for me to get a good work out in is to either have a personal trainer working out with me or to have an Action Plan in place – I need to be able to walk […]