What are you doing with your last 60 days?

Can you believe there are only 60 days left in 2018?!  It’s crazy – just crazy!

Rather than waiting for the 60 days to pass to start your new year’s resolutions, look back and close your year off right.  What is the one thing you’ve been meaning to do this year that you’ve been putting off?  Let’s get it done!  60 Days not enough to get it done?  No problem, do what you can to get a major head start and finish it off in 2019!

Take a step back and look at this goal or project and split it into bite-size pieces.  What’s the due date?  Is it December 31st?  Great, that means you have 60 days or 8 weeks to get it done.  Split your project into 8 weeks – keeping in mind that the holidays are coming up.  Next up, block out a couple of hours each week to get it done.  Don’t have a couple of hours?  Work on it 1 hour a week.  Just do something!

What are you doing with your 60 days?  Care to share?  I’d love to know!


Want to start 2019 off right?

I’ve got something fun coming up!!!  Block out Saturday, December 1st, for a virtual planning party!  We’ll spend a few hours together on Saturday, planning a fresh new 2019!  The event is FREE!  Just join me – in your pjs if you want.  Stay tuned for the details… but for now, block out your Saturday!  Let me know if you want to join in on the party 🔽🔽🔽


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