Where’s my email?!

Ever heard the phrase “please put me on your white-list” but don’t know what it means? It’s the opposite of a black-list! Here, I’ll explain: Waiting on an email but can’t find it? Email is tricky nowadays because there’s just so much spam going around and as a result, a lot of email providers have […]

Your Business Success Path

Whether you’re starting a new business or have been in business for years, it’s always good to have a sense of where you’re at in your business.  When starting out, you typically start at Stage 1 and then move along the stages. But even for the seasoned entrepreneur, it’s always good to have a look […]

My favorite gadgets for working on the go

My favorite thing about today’s technology is that you can basically run your business from anywhere.  You can work from your laptop, iPad, or phone as long as you have internet connection.  My favorite way to go is my iPad Pro… why? Its size.  Yes, size does matter!  It’s easier to carry around than my […]



Here’s a list of just some of the tools I work with:
Action Chaos Tools

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